Introduction to Linux & Audio

Introduction to GNU/Linux Ardour
ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) Soft Synths
JACK (JACK Audio Connection Kit) Samples
Rosegarden Plugins

These pages have been written for a series of twelve lectures I gave about audio applications on the GNU/Linux operating system. For these lectures the Ubuntu Studio linux distribution (based on Ubuntu Hardy) was used. Because open source programs are always in rapid development, this information might be outdated soon. In fact, a lot of the programs available from the Ubuntu repositories are already quite old. So if you compiled newer versions of these programs, some of the things I wrote will be outdated already. Anyway, I hope that these pages might serve as a useful reference for anyone interested in audio applications on Linux.

If you want more information about these lectures, or if you have comments on this website, you can always email me at lievenmoors[at]gmail[dot]com.

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